The Trinidad and Tobago Group of Professional Associations Limited (TTGPA) and the Professional Centre had their genesis in funding and support provided by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Commonwealth Foundation.

On the fortieth (40th) anniversary of its formation, the Company published an Historic Booklet to record how the organization came about and those persons and institutions instrumental in its formation on the fortieth (40)

The main objectives of the organisation are:

  • To promote high standards and ethics among professionals.
  • To provide facilities and services by way of conference and meeting places and office space for professionals and groups of professionals.
  • To promote and encourage networking and co-operation within the professional community in order to contribute to community and national issues.

Over the years the Company has been involved in a number of activities and events tied to its core objectives of encouraging high standards and ethics for professionals. The Company has also encouraged its Members to give back to the national community by fostering the spirit of volunteerism, so rare in today’s world.

TTGPA boasts a diverse membership and this has contributed to the stability and sustainability of the organization. The Management of the Company is drawn from the Membership duly nominated and elected annually.

One of the main annual events hosted by TTGPA is Professional Services Day. For this event, professionals from the various Member organizations volunteer service to communities throughout the country. The Company is also involved in Continuing Professional Development and to this end, hosts several seminars during the course of the year for Members and professionals in the public and private sector.


    TTGPA will be a synergistic organisation that will encourage the interchange of knowledge among professionals.


    To facilitate and support the development and networking of professionals in Trinidad and Tobago.


    – Respect

    To foster respect for professions and professionals from the national community.


    – Integrity and Ethics

    Setting high standards of integrity and ethics in professionals.


    – Co-operation

    To foster the spirit of cooperation and team-work among professionals.


    – Accontability

    To strongly advocate professional standards in the various professions.