1. The opportunity to participate with other professionals in the development of the community both nationally and regionally through the various sub-committees of the TTGPA
  2. Part  ownership of prime real estate at a preferred price(less than market rate)
  3. Strategically located facility in the capital city of Port of Spain
  4. Use of the Professional Centre as an official address
  5. Facilities to house a Secretariat and store documents as well as the availability of adequate parking space for visitors/staff
  6. Access to conference facilities at no additional cost
  7. Use of grounds for functions and events at little or no additional cost
  8. Participation in the governance of the TTGPA
  9. Participation in an environment enriched by a large number and variety of professional disciplines, with great opportunity for networking
  10. An opportunity to use skills/talents in the management of the organization
  11. The opportunity to be listed in the TTGPA’s Handbook of Professionals




TTGPA membership is open to all established and properly constituted associations or organizations which are regulated by their own statute or code of professional conduct for individuals in possession of the recognized qualification granted by an institution of higher learning.

The foregoing notwithstanding, such organizations may by their own constitution provide for admission to their membership individuals who, though they may not be in possession of the requisite professional qualifications are eligible by virtue of their acquired experience and longand dedicated service in the particular field, provided further that the majority of their membership hold full membership on the basis of recognized qualification.



There shall be two classes of membership, namely:-

(a) Class A members, being the holders of one or more modules at the Professional Centre.

(b) Class B members, being members entitled to the tenancy use of conference facilities and services at any building owned by the Company who have paid their annual subscription.  Such members shall have first preference to acquire any available module on payment of the requisite fee and/or subscription.

The requirements for membership are the same for both and the only difference lies in the fact that a Class A member occupies one or more modules while a Class B member does not. Both member classes are, however, entitled to the use of the Conference facilities and other Common Services.

All modules in the existing buildings (Building A and Building B) of the Professional Centre are occupied, so there is currently no “vacancy” for Class A members.

Please note that we have started planning the construction of a third building which would facilitate members who would like to obtain modules as Class A members.


Among the benefits open to Class B members are:-

(a) Use of Meeting Room, Grounds and other common facilities

(b) Use of the Professional Centre as an official address

(c) Participation in the governance of the TTGPA

(d) Participation in an environment enriched by a large number and variety of professional   disciplines.


(Class B Membership only)

  • A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 VAT INCLUSIVE
  • An initial membership fee of $5,000 PLUS VAT
  • Annual fees of $1,500.00 PLUS VAT


Applications for membership shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary of the Company

together with:-

  1. A copy of the constitution of the organization.
  1. The names and addresses and educational qualifications of its officers.
  1. The number of members in good standing.
  1. Such application fee as may be specified by the Council.

Unless the Company in general meeting shall make provision pursuant to the powers contained therein, the Council may approve or reject such application by a two-thirds majority of the members present at the meeting at which such application is considered.

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